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Thursday, September 08, 2005

And the Lord Did a Reverse Backslide Ollie...

I had hoped it was finished. I had begun to believe that the whole stupid "XTREEEM" marketing ploy had played out and that with the massive collective response to things as ludicrous as Loonatics, society had at last realized that very few things actually are or need to be extreme. We now live in a world where just about everything, from candy to car insurance has carried the "xtreme" prefix at some point and now, it is at last, played out. Nothing is left to be labeled "xtreme", right?


Behold the most pointless piece of marketing yet devised by humans. Oh, I know what you're thinking... but no, this is not a joke page. That is, in fact, an actual Chapters order page. You can own it right now, with but the mearest click of a button (and a valid credit card)! I can only imagine what the text must be like...

Genxix, x9-x11: And God was all like, "Dude, you totally need to build an ark and save humanity and stuff" and Noah was like, "Bitchin'!"

Some people think that the almighty has abandoned us. With shit like this around, I honestly can't blame him.



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