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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I Protest!

I see there was a big protest in DC last week. Whoop-de-freakin' do. I've been bothered by protests ever since high school. I have to wonder what motivates these people. Don't they understand that protesting has accomplished nothing since de-segregation? And even that had little to do with the actual protesting but rather attempting to relieve the massive, collective, subconscious guilt of white America and preventing the escalating violence from getting completely out of control on a national scale.

So what is it with these neo-hippies? Haven't they realized that it was economic logistics that brought and end to the Vietnam War? Weren't they paying attention to the fact that despite millions of people protesting around the globe for months prior to the Iraq invasion, Iraq still got invaded? Don't they have homes and jobs and LIVES to attend to?

Historically there is only one true motivator for change and that's armed rebellion. Make all the clever placards you like and devise as many catchy chants and choruses as you please, protestors, you will achieve NOTHING in the end, besides making yourselves look stupid.

The only protest rally I'd ever consider joining would be one to ban protesting!

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