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Sunday, September 18, 2005

News Flash! Everyone's Dead!

I realize we live in a reactionary, sensationalist age, but is it really necessary for the media to grossly overestimate deaths in a tragedy? When 9/11 happened, initial reports projected casualties to be between 12 and 17 thousand people. Turns out it was less than 3000. Now with Katrina, the same thing, initial estimates expected thousands of dead but the reality is it's unlikely to crest one thousand.

I fully expect to turn on the news one day only to find out that a great calamity has transpired and I am, in fact, dead. I was only able to watch the news report through some random quirk of Quantum Physics - that is until the real casualties are calculated at which time I will spontaneously re-animate.

Is it such a strange notion to think reporters should actually report the news instead of estimating it? Leave that shit to the weatherman.

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