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Friday, September 02, 2005

You Can't Blow This Up

The Escapist is running an article protesting the current state of the video game industry. Unfortunately for Mr. Costikyan, the video game industry will continue to survive for many decades regardless of how much he or we revile it. They will live forever, spoon feeding monotonous drivel disguised as “entertainment software” to the very same idiots that watch scripted “reality TV” shows.

How will they survive you ask? The answer is simple - Hollywood.

Hollywood has been creatively bankrupt for over a half a century and, surprise, they’re still in business. Hollywood churns out hour after hour of pure trash, yet still cashes in billions of dollars. The video game industry has decided to adopt Hollywood's business model and rightly so. Hollywood studios make more money producing crap than you do trying to cure cancer, so why can’t video game publishers do the same? Making money is all that counts.

And that’s the only game they want to play.

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