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Sunday, October 16, 2005

I See Marketing People

EAElectronic Arts and Steven Spielberg have decided to join forces to bring us three next generation video games because someone at DreamWorks deluded Steve into believing EA has some type of, "... understanding of the interactive format", and EA wants Spielberg because he is somehow, "... at the centre of understanding gameplay..."


Do they really expect me to swallow this mish mash of marketing hyperbole? Please allow me to explain what is really going on in Redwood City.

Electronic Arts, like all game publishers, only cares about one thing - cold hard $$$. To generate more cash, EA needs some new video game franchises because their current profits solely ride on the back of Madden NFL and various movie licenses. (Licenses they have a talent for turning into putrid video games.) Some talking head in Electronic Art’s boardroom realized you need to publish an original game first before you can create a franchise to eventually ruin with endless sequelitis, i.e. Tomb Raider.

But, the sad fact is, most original games do not sell very well. The mindless gaming demographic that EA caters to only buys games with their favorite comic book character or sports "hero" on the cover regardless of how crap the games are. Brilliant original titles such as Katamari Damacy lack this marketing ploy and unfortunately linger on store shelves. To ensure large earnings for their original title, EA believes a game requires a famous name on the DVD cover to sell. (To most game publishers inspired and creative gameplay does not equate to blockbuster sales.) Since the Interactive Entertainment Industry rarely gives game designers any credit, they are left with no marquee names to put on the box. Now they have to look to Hollywood for names to sell games. And if you are gonna get someone in Hollywood, why not the most famous director in the world? Now EA can create the lamest piece of shit, slap "Produced by Steven Spielberg" on the cover and sell it to every moron that thought A.I. was a good movie. Fuck Haley Joel Osment!

Now EA gets to use Spielberg’s name as a marketing tool to sell games and Steve (who is completely clueless about the video game medium and will have almost nothing to do with the development of these EA titles.) in return gets his ego stroked and his wallet fattened.

Producing games in the Interactive Entertainment Industry is getting more and more expensive, so it’s not surprising a desperate and greedy game publisher like EA has devised a feeble marketing scheme as pathetic as this to get more of your hard earned dollars. Fuck EA!

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