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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rechoose the Chosen One

New Darth VaderThe Revenge of the Sith DVD documentary, The Chosen One, includes a behind the scenes look at the filming of the infamous Darth Vader NOOOOOOO birth scene. During the green saturated filming, George Lucas looks at Hayden Christensen in the Darth Vader movie costume and says, "You look just like Darth Vader."

Wait... did I just hear him right? I had to rewind the DVD to be sure.

Yes he did say that! "You look just like Darth Vader."

This is Episode III; it isn’t some virgin infested sci-fi con. Hayden isn’t dressing up in a home made Vader costume to make sure he never gets laid. He’s in a fucking Star Wars movie (what should have been the Star Wars movie), playing Darth Vader himself. He’s supposed to BE Darth Vader not simply look like him!

Now with the prequels finished, Lucas’ off hand remark has far more weight than he realizes. He is right, Hayden Christensen portrays a character in the prequels that really isn’t Darth Vader. That shoddily written Anakin would NEVER become the Darth Vader we all saw in the original trilogy (arguably the greatest villain in Hollywood history). Darth Vader is definitely not a whiny, poorly acted, skinny pretty boy. Portman is not like sand and Hayden is not like Vader.

What struck me the most about the comment was how elegantly and succinctly George Lucas, himself, accidently sums up all his prequels.

All three episodes looked just like Star Wars, but in the end, they were not.

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