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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Put the Mithras Back Into Christmas

Mithras slays the BullSorry to smack you in the face this Christmas eve with a red sack full of facts, but the Christian celebration of Jesus’ birth is based on pure mythology.

The Nativity is about as believable as a story about a fat Coca-Cola mascot who lives in the North Pole and flies around the world delivering crap made in China.

The true history of Christmas is intimately entwined with a pagan religion known as Mithraism. It is not impossible to see the strong influence it had on the early Roman cults that eventually became the Catholic Church. Take the Sun God Mithras himself: born of a virgin with only shepherds present; he was known as the "Son of God"; and his birthday was - you guessed it - December 25th. What any of this has to do with a poor Jewish carpenter in Palestine, I have no idea.

So, the response given to all those bible-thumping ID freaks out there who demand we put Christ back into Christmas is – he was never there in the first place.

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  • I've been thinking on this alot lately and it may be a confusion of cause and effect. If you look at their history, christians convert most successfuly where they co-opt existing local mythology. To convert Romans, they may simply have done a copy and paste with Mithraism and since it was the roman version of christianity that became codified it fits that the Mithrian prototype would become the accepted lore. There is no mention of HOW the messiah would arrive in the old testemant after all.

    By Blogger CapnG, at Mon Dec 26, 07:10:00 PM  

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