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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Movie Review: Waiting...

Waiting...I’ve eaten out on numerous occasions and during some of those meals I’d be seated near a customer who never seemed to be satisfied with the food or service. They’d complain, rant and rave with most of the venom directed at the waiter or waitress (not "server" – fuck euphemisms!) During such scenes, I’d think to myself, "don’t they realize that the person they’re yelling at is going to deliver their food and they could do whatever they want to it before it got to the table?"

I’ve worked in retail for many years and dealt with my fair share of assholes. Unfortunately for me, I sold non-edible sealed goods, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t do anything to their merchandise. Of course, this is not the case with an appetizer. Even if I found service in a restaurant to be questionable, I try to avoid being bitchy, condescending or rude because I always imagine my waitress or waiter being nice to my face, but in the kitchen spitting in my pasta or adding dandruff to my steak.

What people fail to understand is that most regular sales clerks or waiters are grossly underpaid, have no authority to make any type of decision, and most importantly, they don’t give a shit about a customer's complaints or problems. Bitching to your waitress will only get your meal covered in "floor spice".

Waiting..., along with being one of the funniest restaurant movies ever, confirmed one of my sneaking restaurant suspicions: as Ryan Reynold’s character Van Wilder Monty says, "Don’t fuck with people who handle your food!"

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