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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Idiotic Euphamistic Descriptions

I'll admit it; I've grown immune to the Iraq war debacle. The damage, the waste, the money, the bodies... it's all just numbers now, it has no impact for me. Part and parcel of that is the use of jargon by the talking-head media that supposedly brings us the "news". Small wonder the term "I.E.D." has slipped by me until now. Just part of the background noise really, three little letters that don't stand out at all from the rest of the aural vomit spilling out from my TV speakers.

It was snapped into focus for me today however when I awoke to discover that apart from having to endure an inspection a hair short of a cavity search, persons boarding airplanes will now be denied liquids in effort to fight the war on logic. Whoops, I mean the war on terror. No... I was right the first time.

Someone walk me through this one please, I need my hand held. You see, like a small child in a mall for the first time I'm lost and confused, not really frightened but certainly out of my element. Explain to me how it is that thwarting a terrorist plot to use commercially available liquids to form an explosive by INFILTRATING and OBSERVING that group for MONTHS, allowing them to be easily confronted and arrested, equates to banning ALL liquids from airplanes?

Oh wait; it's not all liquids is it? Baby formula is still allowed in carry-ons but I'm sure making that fact public knowledge will in no way encourage the use of off-white chemical explosives in the future. And of course ALL liquid items are in fact still allowed in checked baggage. I guess that's not a concern, since an explosion in the cargo section of an airplane is obviously harmless.

But what really grinds my gears is that the so-called experts have all begun referring to this liquid explosive set-up as an "improvised explosive device". How about calling it a BOMB, douche bags? Just because it wasn't manufactured by Lockheed or doesn't have Israeli graffiti on its side doesn't make it any less a bomb. Last time I checked, these things still go BOOM and still kill people.

If the next time I go to see the latest action flick du jour the cops on screen call in the "Improvised Explosive Device Disposal Unit" instead of the "Bomb Squad", I'm demanding my money back.

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