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Friday, November 17, 2006

It's Simple

I'm trying to figure out why ANYONE would want to line up at Best Buy and wait in the bitter cold and rain, just so they can be one of the lucky few to own Sony's latest stillborn system. Are they just that eager to endure countless bugs and hardware issues that should have been resolved months before this thing ever got near a retail outlet? Can NOBODY recall that when PSX was launched it was horrifically bug-ridden? Or PS2? Or PSP? Have we reached the point in our society where machine memory has out-stripped human memory? I weep openly.

Of course those people aren't the worst, oh no. There's that other class of PS3 early-bird buyer that irks me more; the parasites. You know the ones I mean, the guys who are buying the system so they can hock it on eBay the next day with a zillion percent mark up? Much as I admire their entrepreneurial spirit, there's something genuinely distasteful about the practice. It's like pimping someone else's ho, it's just not done. Worse still however is the fact that these people exist in the first place, because THAT means there are actually people willing to PAY those kind of prices. Like I need another reason to hate stupid rich people...

Clue in, folks! You're not winning any prizes for being the first person to own a defective system that's grossly overpriced and has a severely limited library to choose from (not unless they have some sister prize to the Darwin awards I don't know about). Even the people who run the special Olympics would be disappointed with this sort of behavior.



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