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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Help Find a Cure for Consumerism

As the end of the year draws near, I feel the need to share a new item I have just added to my long list of things that pissed me off in 2006. This list already includes the very existence of K Fed, celebrities who should know when to shut the f*ck up and Jesus Campers. My latest addition is Viral Marketing.

As the name suggests, Viral Marketing is a plague set upon the earth by brainless corporate twits who think it’s a good idea to hire "actors" to "act" like regular minimum wage earners and shamelessly endorse their products as if they were any good. Not surprisingly, the list of brazen Fortune 500 companies that participate in this crap include Microsoft, Sony, Coca Cola and McDonalds among many others.

The latest site of infection is YouTube. On their front page is a video entitled Octopus which was produced by Sony to advertise the Handycam. In it, a sampling of a young hip demographic go to an eatery and are harassed by actor James Hong who serves one of them a giant gummy bear octopus. Dude#1 eats it to everyone’s horror and then the token black guy at the end asks the camera man if he "got that". Ya, I got it. I even left a comment for the video calling Sony out on their lies, but they were too chicken shit to post it. This isn't the first time Sony's marketing schemes have been busted.

The scariest part of Viral Marketing is not the fact that it insults your intelligence, but rather it actually fools its targeted audience, the consumer whores or "sheeple" as my friend Joe likes to call them. By reading the 100+ YouTube comments regarding the octopus video, you will be shocked by the vast number of idiots who think it was real. Do we truly live in a world filled with morons who can’t tell the difference between reality and an advertisement? I am now left wondering what is worse: Viral Marketing or the fact the general public is far too dim to spot it.

Thankfully a vaccine is on the way via the FTC. Seems they will be requiring corporations to disclose their sponsorship of these types of ads or face some sort of penalty. Now if only we could financially penalize them for being assholes...

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