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Friday, January 26, 2007

My Mom Thinks It's Cool

Another Hollywood AssholeAnybody read Mr. Bay's latest little diatribe about his upcoming cinematic massacre of the Transformers? It's in response to criticism over the radical redesign of the robots themselves and in particular the franchise's most essential icon Optimus Prime. Get some popcorn kids, this is comedy gold:

"No the Internet cannot wreck anyone! The internet is just one voice of many in the world. Let me be real clear - I knew damn well Tranformers had tons of fans, I just did not know the teaser would be the most downloaded in Yahoo history. When you see Optimus Transform in this movie for the first time and don't get a chill up your spine -- then fuck off - because nothing in cinema will excite you!!! And trust me you won't care about the flames."

Okay first off, Mike... buddy... pal... jackass... the internet is not "one voice". It's MILLIONS of voices MADE one. Got that? Millions of people all sitting back and saying "Wait... is that supposed to be Optimus Prime... WTF?" Millions of people are curious and confused and a great many are seriously pissed off. A GREAT MANY!

The fact it's "the most downloaded in Yahoo history" means exactly jack shit as well. As more and more people exponentially gain Internet access and the number of high speed connections increases, the result pretty much guarantees every trailer for a major franchise film will receive astronomical hits. It's about math, Mike, not popularity.

Speaking of which, it was nice of someone to point out to him that the single most popular toy franchise amongst boys born between 1975 and 1987 might have a FEW fans. Pity they didn't mention it sooner.

Lastly, here's just a general tip: telling the people who pay your sorry ass to make these glaucoma-inducing shitfests to fuck off if they don't like it tends to be detrimental for either the reputation or the pocketbook. I'm just saying.


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