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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Man Behind the Curtain

Hollywood BSThe BBC has just attacked us with a WMD (Weapon of Mass Distraction) entitled World waits to hear Oscar winners. Why is this a WMD? The answer is simple - these articles are written to ensure the mindless population becomes more concerned with watching smug celebs performing mutual masturbation than paying attention to the real issues that affect their lives. A BBC talking head writes, "Millions of film fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the 79th Academy Awards in Los Angeles."

How about BILLIONS of humans are eagerly awaiting to be fed, eagerly await clean drinking water, and await to be paid more than 5¢ a day to make Barbie dolls and Nike shoes. Somehow I doubt these people are eagerly awaiting the results of a giant celebrity circle jerk. The BBC should know these issues are a bit more important than reporting what sheeple film fans are waiting for.

Yes, I realize that article was written for the entertainment section, but it’s these types of headlines the "news" media really wants you to pay attention to. Distract the public with questions about where to bury a washed up playboy model or who will win best male overpaid performance in a mediocre movie and they will not be concerned with eroding civil rights, health care or how corporations continue to rape the environment and everyone in it. The BBC should know headlines like that can dissolve whatever illusion of credibility a media conglomerate may have.

As for the Academy Awards themselves, Mr. Charley Reese sums it up best:

"Science is important. Politics is important. Foreign affairs are important. The environment is important. Agriculture is important. Energy matters are important. Human achievement in those and other fields is important. Hollywood is not important. British royalty is not important. Television personalities are not important. For that matter, journalists are not important. Hollywood is just a business that produces fantasy and is currently in a creative slump. Most of its product is junk, no matter how technically well-executed it is."

Charley, it’s all junk. Period.

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  • "Currently" in a creative slump? My my, how generous...

    By Blogger CapnG, at Tue Feb 27, 05:27:00 PM  

  • It's pathetic, if a person is about to shoot 2 people and another person shoots them before they do it then the person is still sent to court because people can't pull together common sense. But aparently this is acceptable even if we know that not making BS headlines could prevent tens of thousands of deaths

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Mar 25, 08:44:00 PM  

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