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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ebola is a Disease

Last night the Movie Network aired a documentary entitled Addiction about how the brain functions inside the skull of various substance abusers from heroin to cigarettes. The show also discussed the various treatment and drug programs available nowadays. As I watched, I noticed throughout the program all the Doctors, Psychiatrists, Ph.D.s and Therapists continually referred to any type of addiction as a disease. Every time I heard that word, it sickened me that these medical pricks professionals would dare compare a woman with breast cancer who can't stop her cells from replicating uncontrollably leading to a mastectomy or even death to an asshole who can't stop HIMSELF from drinking too much beer.

Allow me to clarify that ADDICTION IS NOT A DISEASE, IT IS A CHOICE. These addicts are merely seeking something to blame for their miserable existence other than themselves. Just because the logical part of their brain that manages self-control isn't working fast enough, or at all, does not mean they suffer from an illness; it means they are stupid. A virus that liquefies your internal organs is a disease; smoking a crack pipe because you're a shit head is not.

The delusion substance abuse is a disease was created to make junkies and their families feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If addiction is a disease then the addiction is not their fault and beyond their control. It's easy to accept one’s failings if you can finger point and lay blame, bypassing all personal responsibility. In their minds they are victims, not active participants. Humans are weak-willed animals who love pity and victimization. People love to cry, "It’s not my fault! It’s because of fill in the blank!"

I have heard this blank filled with all kinds of excuses at some point or another: disease, peer pressure, alcohol, drugs, abuse, religion, no one loves me, or my personal favorite, the devil. Evidently, everyone in America is a victim of something and no one is responsible for the stupid shit they choose to do.

Also, this "addiction is a disease" myth is obviously perpetuated by the medical and pharmaceutical industries because, surprise surprise, it makes them cash. Medical treatments and the sale of narcotics (illegal and legal) make millions of dollars a day. Helping people gain self-control and the ability to "just say no" would not make any money even if it is the first step in helping addicts and junkies get their lives together. Why improve humanity when it cuts into corporate profits? That does not make sense, just like a Wookie.

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