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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Call Me... Irresponsible...

I was watching the ol' tube today (as opposed to the new tube that is YouTube) and came across a news article on CNN. Apparently, the latest china-made toy in a spate of recalls is an arts-and-crafts kit (called by various names in different countries) consisting of small, plastic beads with a chemical coating. You put the beads together on a frame and add water, creating a fast-acting binding agent that dries in minutes creating a solid plastic mass of colorful, beady-fun. One small problem: the binding agent on these small, colorful, candy-like beads... is poisonous. But not merely poisonous, oh no... it has a chemical effect on the human body similar to roofies and if enough were consumed, the child would lapse into a coma.

So, if you're following along (and I know you are) CNN just told every serial, predatory child molester in the WORLD that pretty, shiny, skittles-like date rape pills are readily available at a toy store near you. Good job, media overlords! Way to think that one through...

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