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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Allegedly Infuriated

A couple days ago a guy on a Greyhound bus snapped and sawed off some poor kid's head with a hunting knife after stabbing him several times. This was an horrific crime that will probably leave the other people on the bus scarred for life and has left a family without a son. And while they all have my sympathy, it's also got my blood boiling in a way it hasn't boiled for some time.

Hello again, political correctness my old friend... how I hate you so...

You see, all over the news this story is being covered because well shit, it's fucking NEWS! This is a once in a lifetime murder, hell once in a century! This is Hollywood shit, it just DOES NOT HAPPEN in real life. But while the media do their song and dance they continue to use words like "allegedly", "accused" and "purported". Excuse me? NO!! The man DECAPITATED someone. On a bus. Filled with other people, whom he SHOWED THE SEVERED HEAD TO! There are no allegations, no accusations and nothing is purported, he fucking DID IT while people WATCHED from outside the bus!!

Now, I understand there's a legal framework here. The guy needs to be psychologically assessed to determine the level of complicity in the crime the better to frame his sentence and thus see justice done for all. BUT! Is it too much to ask that they just say "The man who decapitated a fellow passenger"?

Seriously. What planet am I on?

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