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Monday, April 06, 2009

Reading Rainbow

I was at a local bookstore today picking up a special order and while wandering the aisles waiting for the line at the cashier to thin, I came across a few curious items collecting dust.

The first was a rack full of peg warming action figures based on Bibleman; an evangelical Christian childrens show no one cares about. Bibleman himself is a Caucasian American (of course) wearing bright yellow and purple tights right out of a gay pride parade who combats various villains whose sole purpose is to lead children from the bible into reality.

I found this critique of Bibleman: "Some have criticized the show for how it delivers its messages, saying, for example, that the show is unnecessarily violent and teaches children that it is all right to kill people who don't share their faith, as the villains are often graphically melted or blown up. Some also feel that the show tries to teach its audience that free thought or not maintaining the status quo is sinful. Some also claim that the villains are portrayed as effeminate to indoctrinate children to hate homosexuals."


The fact stupidity like this even exists does not surprise me, but what did was the obvious racism and hate that Bibleman is wrapped in. One of Bibleman's villains named 2Kul 4Skul, replicates the infamous caricatures of Jews used in Nazi propaganda during WWII. The fact that the character is a rich businessman from NYC with a Jewish accent on the TV show is icing on the cake. Take a look at the "toy" below compared to some Nazi propaganda from the 1930s.

Propaganda from the 30s.

2Kul 4Skul - check out the sculpted big ears, hook nose, and beard.

It’s amazing how the racist, xenophobic and hateful beliefs of Bibleman's producers can be safely veiled by religion. I guess Bibleman's creators and fans don’t know their lord & savior, Jesus Christ, was in fact Jewish. That isn’t surprising considering the demographic Bibleman is aimed at.

The next item that caught my eye was a ... for Dummies book. Now some Dummy books are useful, e.g. Calculus for, Chemistry for, Accounting for, but some of these books are getting completely out of hand.


If you need to buy Adoption for Dummies, or Parenting for Dummies for that matter, then you are an idiot and you should not be allowed to adopt, or be in contact with children in any shape or form because your uselessness and/or stupidity may rub off on them.

Now you know why I love going into bookstores.

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