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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What, no Goblins?

Here's something I discovered recently: the bible has unicorns in it. That's right. UNICORNS. Not one time either, NINE TIMES, in like six different books! Unicorns... huh.

Now what's really interesting is that in all subsequent editions post King James (New Living Translation, American Edition, Amplified Bible, etc) they remove the term "unicorns" and replace it with variations of "ox" (young ox, bold ox, strong ox, etc).

Funny. I guess the translators felt that in a book with functional magic, talking snakes, talking bushes, ghostly hands, divine plagues, multi-headed/multi-winged beasts, giants, angels, demons, ancient sea monsters, undead creatures, spectral horsemen and a giant red dragon that UNICORNS might strain credibility...



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