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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gateway To Another Dumb-mention

themistSo yesterday I watched Stephen King's The Mist and two thoughts occurred to me:

1) Where the hell is Gordon Freeman when you need him? And

2) Why is it whenever we open a portal to another dimension, we're immediately swamped by innumerable gribbles, predatory horrors and Lovecraftian nightmares given flesh?

Are there no herbivores in these other universes? Just once I'd like to see a gateway to another dimension open up and have some hideous, be-tentacled thing come through and turn out to be totally harmless. A 5th dimensional cow or something. THAT would be shocking.

I also find it interesting that everything that comes from another universe is somehow totally lethal to us yet is itself completely immune to our environment. Call me corny but I think H.G. Wells got it right; if an alien entity did come here from... well... elsewhere, then unless the other place is almost identical to earth, it would probably be totally defenseless against the common bacteria we take for granted as being harmless.

I can understand why it doesn't happen in movies though: a monster eats someone and then immediately suffers toxic shock and dies? Not very exciting.

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