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Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Random Thought: Forrest Dumb

I caught some of Forrest Gump on TV the other day and you know if you think about it, the lesson it tries to teach us all is seriously fucking AWFUL. The basic premise of the film is that for all it's ups and downs, life really is worth living and we should appreciate the things we have while we have them. The problem is that it's telling us this from the viewpoint of AN IDIOT.

For one thing Forrest is luckier than a rabbit's foot tied to a horseshoe that's been shoved up a leprechaun's ass, so he easily survives situations that would get normal humans maimed or killed instantly. But more importantly his general optimism and laissez-faire attitude comes not from some deeply spiritual grounding or higher enlightenment but entirely from the fact that he's retarded and simply does not know any better.

The whole Vietnam chapter of the film crystallizes this, the guy doesn't understand what a war is, let alone why he's really there, he doesn't even grasp that he was shot until someone explains it to him. He doesn't charge back into the line of fire to save Bubba because he's brave, he does it because he's a loyal friend but mostly because he's TOO FUCKING STUPID to know he could die.

So yeah, here's the message of the film in a nutshell: life is great if you're dumb, ignorant and the luckiest fucker on the planet. The extrapolation of that of course is that if that's not you... well, sucks to be you (i.e. the rest of us).

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