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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pants Off, Brains Out

I'm convinced that "Pants off/Dance off" is the ultimate end of television, they're officially out of ideas. Now, I realize that Much Music really doesn't have a mandate anymore since YouTube and file-sharing have basically neutered the music industry and made their raison d'etre redundant but if they're looking for something that will gain them viewership in the increasingly crowded shitscape that is the modern television line-up I gotta say, THIS AIN'T IT.

If you've not seen this show consider yourself blessed. By no means should you make ANY attempt to find it or watch it, not even clips. You will thank me. I'm not even going to bother to describe it because it's so puerile it's not even worth the keystrokes. I am forced to wonder though if it really was the result of the half-drunk, 11th hour, bottom-of-the-barrel, 3AM on a Sunday, just-fucking-go-with-it type of programming pitch meeting it seems to have been born of or if even THAT is giving too much credit where none is due and instead someone just heard someone else say "Pants off dance off" and thought "We've got a time slot hole to fill, right? Okay I need a studio, a blue-screen and an intern. Roll cameras!"

I really can't say anything more about it. It's like a Lego set made of shit. No matter how you try and look at it, no matter how you pull it apart, every single component is still a piece of shit.

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