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Friday, December 17, 2010

I Know Whose With Coco

Morons are with CocoMy sister was flipping through the channels late last night and stopped on Conan O'Brien's new talk show simply titled Conan. I protested that listening to self-absorbed celebrities peddle their wares and/or prattle on about things they are not qualified to discuss is not only boring, but actually kills human brain cells. She retorted that his monologues are good and she would change the channel once its over. I agreed just to see if Conan was entertaining or not. To my surprise, during his monologue, Conan made a joke about Obama meeting with various CEOs to create new jobs and that those CEOs agreed and then all returned home to China. This joke was quite witty and satirical and would make anyone who understands global politics/finance such as me laugh out loud, but as I watched him deliver this fantastic jab at the US economy, only one audience member could be heard laughing. His brilliant joke bombed in front of his studio audience; the same one that could not stop howling five minutes later as they watched Conan wipe money off a fat guy's ass using a squeegee. No exaggeration, that was the next segment of the show and the point where I changed the channel.

After this, there is only one conclusion I can make regarding Team Coco: They are the lowest common denominator.

The fact most of his audience (die-hard fans that chanted his name for a solid five minutes before the monologue even began) failed to laugh at a sophisticated joke about American jobs moving to China, but "LOLed" at someone getting their ass squeegeed makes baby unicorns cry and Thomas Jefferson roll in his grave.

Now I know whose with Coco and I am proud to proclaim that I am not one of them. Any intelligent wit Conan may have is sadly wasted on Team Moron Coco.

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  • I gave Conan a shot when he first re-emerged but quickly bored of his "Look-at-me" antics. There's an audience for the "home to China" level humour... and they're all watching the Daily Show and Colbert Report. That's because Stewart and Colbert are Jesters, whereas all the other late night hosts are clowns.

    By Blogger CapnG, at Sat Dec 18, 12:15:00 AM  

  • At least you had a laugh about it. That's 1 for 2. Both the joke and the squeegee incident would have left me cold anyways.

    By Blogger Mind Miner, at Sun Dec 26, 06:05:00 PM  

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