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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fever Pitch

As Beauty Day comes closer and closer to being realized before mine eyes, I found myself laying in bed yesterday, about to drift off to sleep when it suddenly hit me: Cap'n Video- The Video Game.

Oh yeah, you know it'd be sweet. Riding around Tony Hawk-style on the motorized skateboard, picking up gas cans and nitro power-ups, dodging cars and civilians, smashing TVs with hammers and remote controls taped to bricks... so much WIN.

You could unlock clips from the show as achievements. Find the hidden telephone pole shledding bonus level. Even try and out-Cap'n the Cap'n by designing your own stunts in an open arena, Garry's Mod-type environment.

Yeah yeah, it's not gonna happen, I know that. But I can dream right? A beauty, beauty dream?




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