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Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Best Not-TV Show On Actual TV

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is a work of unmitigated genius. What do I really have to say about a show where the host kills half his air time mugging for the camera, his sidekick is a gay robot skeleton and they actually have the balls to put a pantomime horse on screen for NO REASON?

I suppose I previously knew of this show but I didn't really start watching it until about a month ago when my computer died and I had a great deal of thumbs to twiddle. Once I got over the initial sensation of "Huh? Wha?" it transmuted into something quite spectacular. You see, it's very plainly the case that they simply do not give a shit. They know how late they're on, they know they have no budget and they know nobody cares what they do and that's where the magic happens. They're clearly phoning it in and they're absolutely not hiding that fact.

Once I became acclimatized, I realized that what I was watching was in fact NOT television in the traditional sense. It had the trappings of a tv show, it was going through the motions but it had zero illusions about itself. Initially I thought this was a sort of neo-vaudville, Craig playing barker to Geoff's straight man but that notion quickly dissolved as I watched the pitching back and forth.

Then it struck me what this really was. You see, there are puppets in the opening titles. Geoff himself is an animatronic puppet. Occasionally a little bunny puppet opens the show instead of Craig. And of course there's Secretariat (the aforementioned pantomime horse). Then it hit me: this is a children's program for adults. It's all there, catchy theme, puppet pals, creepy host who smiles a lot, fun games to play, hell there's even a moral at the end of each show. Okay well, there's a bit at the end of each show pretending to be a moral but the point is it fits the formula.

So if you're not watching this show, give it a shot. And remember, if you find yourself thinking "Wow, this is crap!" then congratulations, you're in on the joke. Now enjoy!



  • Wow, that sounds like all kinds of awesome! I'll be sure to look out for that show next time.

    You never see (subversive?) shows like that anymore. It reminds me of a documentary about Monty Python before they were Monty Python. That's how they got their start too.

    Good to see you blogging again, Matt. It's been awhile.

    By Blogger Mind Miner, at Fri Dec 09, 03:20:00 AM  

  • It wasn't by choice, my computer crapped out and I've been offline for a month.

    The show's on CBS around 12:35AM BTW.

    By Blogger CapnG, at Fri Dec 09, 12:24:00 PM  

  • Oh that sucks. Hope you didn't lose any important work/files. If you did, you should consider using dropbox/evernote for realsies.

    Welcome back dude!

    By Blogger Mind Miner, at Mon Dec 12, 06:06:00 PM  

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